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Your frequently asked questions, answered!

Q. Does a solid roof require Building Regulations?

A. This is probably the most asked question to us regarding solid roofs. New or replacement, when installing a Solid Roof - even like those we install with LABC Approval - still require Certified Building Regulations Approval. We work with independent Approved Certified Building Inspectors and Local Authorities to ensure you receive all necessary approvals for work we do for you

Q. Will the existing frames support a new solid roof?

A. Great question. The answer is typically - but not always - a yes

If they are steel reinforced (most conservatory frames are) and in good condition, then they almost definitely will, Of course we check for this during on process

Many of our customers do retain their existing frames, although some choose to replace these to - sometimes because it is necessary, and other times because they want a complete fresh new look

Q. How much warmer is a solid roof?

A. Well, compared to a typical 3 wall polycarbonate roof which may have a u-value of around 4.4u our solid roofs achieve between 0.15 and 0.18u - that is over 20 times less heat loss

Compared to the very best solar glass installed today, which has a u-value of around 1.0u, we're over 5 times less heat loss

So to sum this up, living under one of our Wamrroof Solid Roofs is a completely different experience to a polycarbonate or glass room

Q. Can all designs be achieved?

A. Most can. The biggest restriction we come across is where the is currently a very low pitch lean-to style room on the house currently, with little scope to increase this pitch - but even in cases like this, more often than not, our designers can come up with an elegant solution and present you with a visual to consider

Q. How much does it cost to upgrade the roof to a solid roof?

A. Well, this very much depends on the style, size and "finishing touches" chosen

But as a rule of thumb, most customers spend somewhere between £8,000 and £13,000 on a new roof for their existing conservatory

We are happy to give more specific guidance when we can see - either in person or on an emailed or uploaded photo. Please chat with one of our team

Q. Is there a choice of external roof finish?

A. Yes, on all our systems there are choices. Some are tile effect only, while others include slate style options. All include various colour finishes to complement your existing home and its surrounds, or the end look you are trying to achieve

Q. I have heard of companies to insulated the current roof? Is this true

A. It certainly is, but in our opinion not a great idea. For one, you are still using the roof which is causing you the problem, secondly that roof was never designed to hold additional permanent product and thirdly there will always be the serious risk of condensation or water penetration. We choose not to offer this option and we believe it is no more than sticking a plaster over the problem and not a long term or professional solution

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